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Getting the word out

You have a great story to tell. Your research and creative activity is important to the University of Windsor and plays a key role in supporting its Strategic Priorities. When you share your stories with the greater community you help the public understand the vital work UWindsor undertakes to make a better world through education, scholarship, research and engagement.

The Office of News Services, Public Affairs & Communications (PAC), wants to help you reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. Getting the word out on what you are doing can take many forms and depends on what you want to say, why you want to say it, and who needs to hear your message.

Your audience may be current or future students; it may be alumni, research funders, or policymakers. Maybe your audience consists of potential partners at other institutions or peers within your research discipline. Perhaps you just want the public to understand that the work you are doing has an impact on their daily lives.

Each of these audiences requires a different communications strategy and may include any combination of earned media outreach through such vehicles as newspapers, television and radio, or through social media or speciality journals and publications. There is always a way for PAC to get the word out on the work you are doing – whether it is a story in Daily News, a tweet from the University’s Twitter account, or a major media release that is distributed to news organizations around the world.

Earned media consists of those stories that grab the attention of editors and reporters. These stories provide a unique angle on emerging issues that are of general interest to the public or offer a new perspective on a current issue. They must be told in a clear, concise and compelling way and be of general interest to the average reader, viewer and listener.

Allow PAC to help you reach your optimal audience by filling out the brief survey below, to shape a communications plan that best meets your individual needs.

1. Please provide a plain language summary of your news and why you wish to share it.

2. Who should know about your news? Why will this particular audience find it interesting and how will it impact them?

3. Does your news have an immediate impact or will your story require a future follow-up?

4. What are your goals in sharing your news and how will you gauge success?

News Services contact:

Lori Lewis
Manager, News Services
519-253-3000 ext. 3241