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Reception Gatherings, Get INVOLVED & HAVE FUN!

There are many ways to get involved!!!


Students are invited to attend receptions and social events in order to familiarize themselves with the aim and function of OPUS.  During the Fall & Winter semesters, we host engaging events for the campus community in October & February. At these gatherings, you will get the opportunity  to meet other students and discuss concerns, ask questions and offer suggestions regarding course offerings, awards, graduation, teacher evaluation, exams, career or academic counseling and student life topics in general. Food & Refreshments are provided.All students are welcome to attend and participate in these gatherings. Only Part-time Undergraduate Students have an opportunity to win a money prize and other students are eligible to receive door prize gifts.

Any student registered at the University of Windsor is able to become an OPUS Volunteer. Our volunteers are a unique group of students who help with various OPUS social events including Orientation for New Students, Annual Welcome BBQ, Social Gatherings, Pot Luck Lunch, Annual General Meeting and more. There are also various campaigns and university committees for a volunteer to join in order to stay involved. OPUS Vounteers are students who are highly motivated, energetic and devote their time to helping other students get involved with university life. During this process, volunteers gain valuable experience and make connections with various university faculty and staff members.To get involved as a volunteer, visit this page.

The “OPUS Volunteers”, and the OPUS Board of Directors, meet twice during Fall and Winter semesters. OPUS Volunteers act as a link between part-time students and the OPUS Board Members. OPUS Associates are encourages to attend these gatherings and social events in order to familiarize themselves with the aim and function of OPUS.  

2019-2020 Receptions at a glance:

Tue. Oct. 22, 2019

Thurs. Feb. 13, 2020