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Blackboard Collaborate

Take your class online with Blackboard Collaborate.

Accessible through CLEW/ Blackboard, open and free to use, this virtual classroom option available on the University of Windsor campus is fully supported and easy to use.


Virtual classrooms are becoming commonplace in higher education. They are used to enhance traditional face to face classes, as well as in hybrid and distance education courses. More and more, virtual classrooms such as Blackboard Collaborate (formerly Elluminate and Wimba) are being used to facilitate online collaboration between students, and between students and instructors. They are also used for online office hours, online tutorials or real time classes, research collaborations, online meetings, and a host of other possibilities. Virtual classrooms have a whiteboard space where students and instructors can interact to share ideas and work on problems collaboratively, as well as video and audio capabilities for real-time communication, text chat, polling functions, presentation functions, desktop/application sharing, and web tours.


Just getting started?

We have some tutorial videos to help you along the whole process.

1. Adding Collaborate to the course site (1m 55s) 


2. Using the prebuilt room (6m 52s) This video demonstrates how you can edit the settings in the prebuilt rooms that Blackboard Collaborate generates automatically.  It also shows how you would open a room:

3. Creating a session and recordings (4m 26s) 
4. Using the room (12 m 32s) This video takes users into the Blackboard Collaborate room and demonstrates some common features as well as discussing a few potential problem areas:
5. Testing features as a preview user (4m 29s) This video shows how you can add yourself to a Blackboard Collaborate session twice from the same computer (as an instructor and as a "preview user").  This can be a fantastic way to test out the features and see exactly what your students will experience:



If you're looking to expand your classroom space online, contact the Open Learning team to get a Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Classroom set up. 

Email us at You can stop in and chat with us on the first floor of Erie Hall in office 1112, or by phone at ext 2008.