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Our Team

Acting Director, Nick Baker

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Nick Baker is the Acting Director of the Office of Open Learning, where he is incredibly excited about the possibilities that this new office opens up for students and faculty at the University of Windsor. He is a former Visiting Fellow in Educational Development at the CTL, where he has worked since 2009 as an educational developer. Nick is originally from Australia, where he worked in the Teaching and Educational Development Institute at the University of Queensland as an instructional designer, manager of an educational resource development group, and faculty member (educational development). He has been involved and working in higher education for over 15 years, and his research and interests span the breadth of higher education from policy to organisational change management, with a strong focus on the critical evaluation and adoption of technology in education, online and open learning, and alternative means of evaluating student learning. He is certain that there is a huge untapped potential in Canadian higher education for advancement in more flexible modes of learning, and is thrilled to be part of the development of this at UWindsor. 

Welcome Centre, suite 205   |   ext 4925   |   @nbaker


Learning Specialist, Nobuko Fujita


Nobuko Fujita is the Open Learning Specialist with the Office of Open Learning. She is excited to be part of the team supporting faculty and students on technology-enhanced learning initiatives and expanding the capacity of open learning at UWindsor. Nobuko was previously the Distance Education Course Development Coordinator at Odette School of Business and an Assistant Professor of eLearning in the Faculty of Education at UWindsor. Prior to that, she was a postdoctoral fellow in the Centre for Applied ICT at the Copenhagen Business School. Dr. Fujita holds a PhD from the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at OISE, as well as an MA in English from Queens, and two Bachelor degrees from UBC. She has over a decade of experience in educational development, has worked on many research grants, and has a very strong record in publications and scholarly works in online and open education. 

Welcome Centre, suite 205   |   ext 2105   |   @dreff



Learning Specialist, Mark Lubrick

Mark Lubrick is the Online Learning Design Specialist within the Office of Open Learning. He is a University of Windsor alumnus with a bachelor's and master's degree in Physics, as well as a bachelor of Education. Mark is incredibly excited to be a part of the Office of Open Learning team as he loves teaching and believes that online learning provides exciting opportunities for students and faculty alike. Furthermore, he believes that online multimedia courses will be an integral part of the University's future and is thrilled to help lead the charge in their development. Prior to moving to the Office of Open Learning, Mark worked as a sessional instructor for the Department of Physics. He has taught courses ranging in size from 30 students up to around 950 students, and has enjoyed every class. He also developed and taught online versions of some of those courses. Mark is looking forward to bringing his passion for education and course development to the Office of Open Learning.

Welcome Centre, suite 205   |   ext 6867   |   @Mark_Lubrick
Administrative Assistant, Alicia Higgison

Alicia Higgison is a University of Windsor alumnus, with a B.A. Honours in Political Science. With equal love for both writing & digital citizenship, the Office of Open Learning is a welcome platform to build on her blogging and social media background. Alicia administers and provides workshops, training and support for UWindsor's ePortfolio program. Bridging the gap between her political scientist roots and the thrill of education using the Internet, Alicia champions digital storytelling, reflective writing and taking charge of your online brand and footprint. The Office of Open Learning champions innovation in education, and Alicia is thrilled to be a part of it.



Welcome Centre, suite 205   |   ext 2008   |   @aliciahiggison



Research & Development Associate, Ashlyne O'Neil

Ashlyne O’Neil is a PhD Candidate in Applied Social Psychology at the University of Windsor, with primary interests in students’ success and experiences. She also completed a B.A. Honours, a post-graduate certificate, an M.A., and the Foundations of University Teaching Certificate. Ashlyne is extremely excited to be completing her doctoral internship at the Office of Open Learning, given her lifelong love of teaching and mentoring. She has held 14 teaching or graduate assistant positions, taught as a sessional, and has delivered several workshops. Her involvement in research, curriculum development, and course redesign at the Office gives her the opportunity to learn about and help influence pedagogy and various institutional practices.



Welcome Centre, suite 205   |   @ashlyneivy



Student Media Assistant, Darko Milenkovic


Darko Milenkovic is a University of Windsor alumnus, with an Honours B.A. in Digital Journalism and Communication, Media, and Film. As the Office of Open Learning’s multi-media assistant, Darko aids OOL's learning specialists in developing multi-media content and provides liaison and technical support to faculty, graduate/teaching assistants, and other students using video editing software. Darko is also a graduate assistant in the Communication, Media, and Film department, where he is currently a candidate for an M.A. in Communication and Social Justice.




Welcome Centre, suite 205   |   ext 6868    |   @benignwords