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What’s happening right now:

Our initial focus between now and Thursday’s (March 19th) resumption of classes is getting everyone up and running with the ability to do two things: communicate with students, and deliver the remainder of your course content through the end of the Winter semester.  We will focus on assessment options after the basics are up and running.

Where you can find information:

Academic Continuity: Disruption to Classes wikipage 

Workshops, DropIns, Training

BBCafe Virtual Guest Link


Where you can find support:

UPDATE (as of 03/17/20): 

Tuesday March 17th: staff from OOL, CTL & ITS will be available for in-person support in CEI 1232 from 1:00pm- 5:00pm. Online support will remain available through the Virtual Classroom in BB Cafe continuously, until 8:00pm tonight. (all faculty drop in locations will be wrapped up as of noon on Tuesday, March 17th)

Wednesday, March 18th: all campus offices will be closed, no on-site support will be available. Online support hours, through the Virtual Classroom in BB Cafe, will be extended to running from 9:00am through to 9:00pm. 

  • Online resources to help you transition to alternative delivery will remain available at the Disruption to Classes wiki and above, at the Preparing for Teaching During Disruption page from Open Learning. 
  • The list of virtual Workshops and Training is being updated regularly.  
  • ITS will be staffing the Service Desk over the weekend and until 10pm daily. Logging support requests through the Service Desk or  Team Dynamix  will help to expedite the process and get your request to the right people to help.  


Where you can offer support:

Windsor is fortunate to have a large number of our faculty who have taught online courses, or who use Blackboard extensively in their regular teaching. At this time, we are asking for faculty who are willing to help support our community to  sign up  to provide additional help as a resource with your departments. We know this is asking a lot when you will also be moving your own teaching to this new format, but your lived experience will be extremely valuable to your colleagues. Please sign up here:

Thank you for your patience and help during this difficult period. You can contact us any time if you have questions or suggestions, or if you need help.   
We look forward to hearing from you. 

The Academic Continuity Team
Nick Baker, Erika Kustra, and Marcin Pulcer
OOL Team, CTL Team, and ITS Team


Stay Informed:

Please continue to monitor the information surrounding health & wellness, as well as our academic continuity, they are evolving rapidly and will be communicated through the UWindsor Novel Coronavirus Information page