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Strategy & Entrepreneurship researchers examine the management of the entire organization and its performance, with special attention devoted to supporting value creation and preservation in every stage of development— from start-up to maturity and turnaround.  Given the broad scope of the work, a large number of different focuses are typically associated with Strategy & Entrepreneurship researchers.  For example, at the Odette School of Business, active interests include for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, corporate- and business-level strategies, domestic and international business, and corporate social responsibility. We also explore the relationship between our research and effective teaching.

Our faculty members have published their research in a number of leading strategy and entrepreneurship journals. These include Business Horizons, Business and Society Review, Journal of Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management Inquiry, Journal of Entrepreneurship, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Personnel Psychology, and Strategic Management Journal, among many others.

Major topics of our research include the manner in which innovation and resilience are supported in organizations by capabilities and routines, the effective management of the small firm, categories of entrepreneurs (including ethnic/immigrant entrepreneurs and the older entrepreneur), corporate social and environmental responsibility, corporate reputation, the role of bargaining and resource advantage in the formation of CEO compensation, innovation risks faced by entrepreneurs, the successful teaching of general management and  corporate social responsibility, and a breadth of investigations related to international business.

We invite you to meet our Strategy area faculty members below.

Faculty Member
Office Number
Fredette, Chris OB 449 3072
Ganzin, Max OB 438 4224
Guo, Guangrui OB 448 3134
Keller, Werner OB 502 3142
Kenworthy, Thomas OB 446 4935
OB 434
OB 430
Schlosser, Francine OB 443 3107
Snowdon, Anne OB 202 4255
Walker, Kent OB 432 3109
Xu, Hongwei OB 440 3145