SIFE members
Team members include: Ellen Nyarko, Jessica Newman, Aaron Mailloux, Iqbal Dhaliwal, Alishia Reid, Joshua Konopasky, Vedant Kumar Pandey, Bradley Ouellette, Zhanna Naima Khan, Tina Hwang, Sowad Al- Mughni, Tarek Dandach, Anirudh Dobariya, Martin Dudaniec , Chong Ta, Natalya Yem, Daryna Kulya, Shreya Gupta, Sarim Ehtesham, Stephen St. John, Lubna Abdul Amin, Abby Oqunpolu and Andrew Peterson. Faculty Advisor - Professor Jim Marsh

SIFE Windsor named Regional Champions

For the second year running SIFE Windsor has captured the title of ACE TD Entrepreneurship Regional Champion at the 2010 ACE Central Canada Regional Exposition. A team of 23 students competed with 17 universities and colleges from Ontario and Quebec for the title of Regional Champions representing the Odette School of Business and the University of Windsor.

With their 10 ongoing projects, the SIFE Windsor team presented 4 projects under Entrepreneurship, 3 projects under Financial Literacy and 3 under Environmental Sustainability. The projects that won SIFE Windsor the title of Entrepreneurship regional champions were Demo Camp and F.U.S.E.

• Demo Camp - provides an opportunity for local aspiring entrepreneurs to present their business ideas to a panel of students, faculty, and community leaders. The panel provides their feedback on feasibility of the idea as well as strengths and weaknesses to move forward successfully. To date the team has held five events with over 280 attendees and has had over 20 ideas presented.
• FUSE - designed to give personal one-on-one advice and direction to entrepreneurs who need guidance with their businesses. SIFE Windsor’s student consultants are selected according to their experience, academic success, and entrepreneurial drive to ensure the best possible advice. To date the team has worked with 13 local business owners.

“What a feeling it is to be named a Regional Champion by ACE,” comments Tarek Dandach, Vice President of SIFE Windsor. “Our team has shown that with hard work and dedication, we can achieve our objectives.”

SIFE Windsor will now move on to compete at the 2010 ACE National Exposition in May competing with universities and colleges from all across Canada.