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Odette Commerce Society Wins Rising Star Award


The 2016/2017 Odette Commerce Society was incredibly proud to have been recognized for their accomplishments that the organization has achieved.

As one of the newest members to the Canadian Association of Business Students (CABS), the Odette Commerce Society has been eager to join the network made up of Canada’s top business student executives. This year, the OCS Executive team had the privilege to be able to attend multiple conferences in the CABS circuit and experience the benefits of having a national network. This allowed the team to not only put the Odette Commerce Society on the map on a national scale, but also to enhance its efficacy, as well as the reputation of the Odette School of Business.  They were able to share all of the incredible opportunities available through OCS and highlight the “Odette Experience”.

The benefits of the CABS Conference circuit culminated at the flagship conference known as Roundtable – hosted in Winnipeg this year – where both outgoing and incoming Executives of Business Student Associations (BSA’s) from across Canada came together to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another. Here, eight OCS members were able to attend to share information, experiences, and insights with other BSA’s.



The attending members were, (l-r in picture) Chloe Kyrtsakas (Elected Executive Vice-President-elect, Martin Waletzko (Vice President-elect of Finance), Claudia Krestchemann (Vice-President Proxy), Devina Aujla (President-elect), Peter Bae (Vice-President of Administration and Human Resources), Jacob Benson (President), Chris Houle (Vice-President of Finance), J J Collins (Vice-President of Corporate Relations).

 The final night featured a CABS awards gala where member schools were recognized for their achievements throughout the year, and awards were awarded based on member voting. The Odette Commerce Society was fortunate enough to be nominated for, and a recipient of, the “Rising Star” Award, which is “awarded to the CABS Member Society that made the biggest strides with respect to their management and execution of their operations in the current operating year from the previous year.” The OCS team was incredibly proud to have their year recognized for all the major accomplishments that the organization has achieved.

The 2016/2017 Odette Commerce Society team has performed exceptionally well all year, with higher student engagement, more effective events, and providing more opportunities along with larger team expansion than ever before. These achievements are highlighted by the Rising Star award, which also points to OCS’ growing reach and ever-increasing potential. The organization has high hopes for its future!