Office of Automotive and Vehicle Research

Being an automotive manufacturing center, our region’s economy relies heavily on the health and growth of the auto industry. At Odette, we’re proud to play a vital role in advancing automotive innovation and technology through our Office of Automotive and Vehicle Research (OAVR). Operating within our school, OAVR serves as the hub of management and marketing expertise for the Canadian automotive, vehicle transportation, and automotive parts industries.


OAVR is a renowned multi-faceted entity, serving as a research, consulting, data gathering, training, and resource centre for the automotive and automotive parts industries, as well as the broader vehicle transportation sector. Our goal is to support the management needs of the Canadian automotive assembly, vehicle transportation and automotive parts industries.


OAVR is ready to assist automotive sector businesses in the following ways:

  • Business growth and expansion
  • Diversification of customer base
  • Assistance with new product introductions
  • Development of business and/or marketing strategies
  • Basic marketing research
  • Surveying current/potential customers
  • Monitoring competition
  • Providing employee management training
  • Identifying government programs to fund consulting, research and training initiatives

Outlook Conferences

To better understand the road ahead for the automotive industry, we invite you to attend the OAVR Outlook Conference. As one of the most comprehensive conferences outlining forecasts for 2011 and beyond, this is a valuable opportunity to hear what leading industry experts are predicting for the future.

Learn More

If you would like learn more about our services or how working with OAVR might benefit your business, please feel free to contact us as follows:

A.J. (Tony) Faria
Co-Director, OAVR
Odette School of Business
519-253-3000 extension 3101

Odette School of Business
University of Windsor
401 Sunset Avenue,
Windsor, ON N9B 3P4


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