Gokul Bhandari

Associate Professor

Office: Odette Building, Room 412
Phone: 519-253-3000, ext 3150

PhD (McMaster University)
MA (McMaster University)
MBA (University of Minnesota)

Gokul brings a multidisciplinary perspective in his research and teaching of information having background in information systems, economics, and engineering. Prior to joining the academia, he worked as software developer for several years.

Research Interests:
Human Judgment and Decision Making, Decision Support Systems, Emerging Technologies, Health Informatics

Teaching Experience:
Information Systems, Database Management Systems, Business Process Management

Journal Publications:
Bhandari, Gokul; Tiessen, Barbara; Snowdon, Anne, Meeting community needs through leadership and innovation: A case of virtual psychiatric Emergency Department (ED), Behaviour and Information Technology, 30(4), 517-523, 2011, June.

Bhandari, Gokul; Snowdon, Anne, Design of a patient-centric, service-oriented health care navigation system for a local health integration network, Behaviour and Information Technology, First published on: 04 May 2011 (iFirst), 2011, May.

Bhandari, Gokul; Siam, John, Technology enactment in the fixed income markets, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Spring, 47-56, 2011, May.

Bhandari, Gokul; Hassanein, Khaled, An agent-based debiasing framework for investment decision support systems, Behaviour and Information Technology, First published on: 24 September 2010 (iFirst), 2010, September.

Bhandari, Gokul; Deaves, Richard; Hassanein, Khaled, Debiasing investors with decision support systems: An experimental investigation, Decision Support Systems, 46, 399-410, 2008.

Bhandari, Gokul; Deaves, Richard, Misinformed and informed asset allocation decisions of self-directed retirement plan members, Journal of Economic Psychology, 29, 473-490, 2008.

Deaves, Richard; Veit, Ted; Bhandari, Gokul; Cheney, John, The savings and investment decisions of planners: Across sectional study of college employees, Financial Services Review, 16, 117-133, 2007.

Bhandari, Gokul; Deaves, Richard, The demographics of overconfidence, Journal of Behavioral Finance, 7(1), 5-11,2006.

Bhandari, Gokul; Bliemel, Michael; Harold, Allan; Hassanein, Khaled, Flexibility in e-business strategies: A requirement for success, Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 5(2/3), 11-22, 2004

Working Papers:
1) A dynamic model of social networking use
2) A model for assessing individuals’ online investing intention

Grants & Awards:
SSHRC (Standard Grant: $10,500): How do Canadians Make Investment Decisions?