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Technology in the Financial Markets Lab

This facility is a state-of-the-art interactive learning and research environment, complete with six widescreen LCD display screens and a projector which can stream data from a number of sources, including: satellite television, live Bloomberg and Reuters financial data, a DVD player, document camera, or from any of the twenty-three computer workstations in the lab.

Odette Financial Markets LabThe high tech features of the Odette Financial Markets Lab enable the instructor to take control of the display screens at any given time.  For example, if a student is working on something particularly interesting, the instructor can switch all the student workstation display screens as well as the room displays to show what that student is working on.  In order to maximise functionality, everything in the Room, from lighting to window shades, is accessible by remote control from the instructor workstation.

The Financial Markets Lab can accommodate concurrent work and training for forty students.  Instead of the traditional classroom style layout, the lab is designed into five pods or desks, with each pod containing four workstations.  Every workstation has three computer monitors of its own, each equipped with software for simulated trading, portfolio management and pricing of sophisticated financial assets.