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Enactus Windsor Showcase 2017

Enactus Windsor Showcase 2017


Award Presentations

University of Windsor Enactus Teams had the opportunity to share their presentations for the upcoming regional competitions with families and friends at the St. Clair College Centre for the Arts. Enactus Windsor is a community of student, academic, and business leaders that strive to empower local members, instil entrepreneurial action, and enhance the economic health of our community by enabling the progress of student leaders and establishing sustainable projects throughout the Windsor-Essex region. Visit for more information.


Financial Literacy

Enactus Windsor’s Financial Literacy team consisting of (l-r) Brian Pfaff, Mare Rozic, Devina Aujla, Victoria Hasegawa and Curtis LaButte, have been challenged this year presenting on a need that is prevalent in Windsor-Essex but not necessarily seen. In our city, one in six individuals live below the poverty line; however you would not see that walking down the streets of Windsor. Behind closed doors there is a lack of financial education and people who are assumed to admit it, which is leading to foreclosures, maxed out credit cards, and even bankruptcy. As a result, over 18,000 people are living on social assistance in our community. Enactus Windsor aim to shed light on this need by teaching our most vulnerable residents how to stretch, save and invest every dollar they make in order to rise out of poverty. The Financial Literacy team is proud to present on how our team is combating this need through our two-generation approach.





Enactus Windsor's Entrepreneurship team consisting of (l-r) Dhruv Gaitonde, Alexandria Tolton, Katricia Crosby, Brunilda Gjini, and Jamie Elwood and will be showcasing how we empower newcomers in the city of Windsor through entrepreneurship. 250,000 of newcomers will land in Canada this year, 65,000 will live in poverty. Enactus Windsor aims to address the reasons why by celebrating their talents and teaching them things like business skills, communication skills and financial literacy to help turn these talents into a business. In a time like this, when being a newcomer is especially frightening, we recognise that diversity is one of our greatest strengths. #Cake





Enactus Windsor’s Eco-Living team consisting of (l-r) Josh Nicholas, Claudia Lutfallah, Moneek Ashat, Khaoula Hassani, Ian Virtue, and are excited to present on how Enactus Windsor is helping people across the world with one of life’s most basic needs. Clean water is something over 783,000,000 people in this world are without and half of these people are in Africa. We took our passion to create change in Morocco and are now making a real impact in a village where 80% of people lacked access to clean water. The Eco-Living team is proud to showcase how our team, is bringing an affordable solution to one of many vulnerable communities within the world.


Youth Empowerment



Enactus Windsor’s Youth Empowerment team consisting of (l-r) Francesco Di Leonardo, Cattrina Crosby, Mandy Lei, Sam Staddon, and Jessie Heywood, will be proudly showcasing how our team is empowering the youth of Windsor-Essex’s County to reach their full capabilities. In a city where 22% of our youth are unemployed, Enactus Windsor aims to address these needs and opportunities facing our youth, as it relates to education, leadership, and ultimately, life-long success. By changing mindsets, instilling confidence, and developing transferable skills, we are empowering our young leaders to turn their passion into opportunities. The Youth Empowerment team is proud to present on how our team is empowering our youth to see potential in themselves, their community, and their future.


Other awards handed out that evening went to:


Rising Star Award: Claudia Lutfallah and Katie Pfaff

Mentor of the Year: Josh Nicholas

Consultant of the Year: Khaoula Hassani

Innovator of the Year: Alex Nguyen 

Windsor Award: Jessie Heywood and Patrick Polistena