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Connecting with the Commerce Society

What happens outside the classroom is as important as what happens on the inside.  It’s our hope that you take advantage of the many opportunities to get involved through clubs, teams, and volunteering at Odette and campus wide.  These activities build character, networks, and your resume!

As an Odette student – international and domestic, full- and part-time, college & university transfers – you are automatically welcomed into the Odette Commerce Society.  The Commerce Society is run entirely run by business students and is composed of elected executives who strive to enrich the experience for every Odette business students.

The Commerce Society plays a major role in the life of a Commerce Student, from organizing recruiting and networking opportunities with corporations, community members, and faculty to enriching the time and experience of students through fun and engaging social events.

Learn more about the Commerce Society and its role in representing student interests, empowering students to get involved and in fostering leadership by visiting their website.