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Become a TA

Becoming a Teaching Assistant is an excellent opportunity for students to make some extra money, engage with other students and work with professors.  Students who become TA's are able to hone their skills as well as gain some practicle experience working with others.  A great part of this is, you will be able to add these skills to your resume and build upon your references.

The Odette School of Business is pleased to offer the following TA opportunities during the fall 2014 semester.

Fall 2014 TA Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a TA please complete the appropriate TA application form below:

Accounting & Finance Courses
Management (HR) & Strategy Courses
Marketing & Management Science Courses

Please submit your completed TA application form to the appropriate area secretary:

Accounting & Finance forms to Ms. Stephanie Miller (Odette room #425)
Management & Strategy forms to Ms. May Nhan (Odette room #405)
Management Science & Marketing forms to Ms. Lena Razwan (Odette room #406)

For additional information about becoming a TA, please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The Odette School of Business provides tutoring for students.  For more information please visit Tutor Support.

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F14-TA-Application-MgmtSci&Mktg.pdf311.55 KB