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Centre for Statistical Consulting, Research and Learning Services (CSCRLS)

The Center for Statistical Consulting, Research and Learning Services (CSCRLS) provides statistical and mathematical services for clients both on and off campus.

The goals of the CSCRLS are to:

  • carry out activities to promote an environment conducive to increasing the awareness and usefulness of the subject
  • increase the use of statistical methods to solve scientific, business and industry problems
  • enhance prospects for research collaboration
  • develop a link between the University and the community.

Services available: 

  • Design and Analysis of Experiments and Surveys
  • Data Exploration and Analysis
  • Complex Data Sets of Varying Quality & Collected From Various Sources
  • Statistical Quality Assurance
  • Scheduling and Optimization
  • Numerical Computations and Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Data Mining and Predictive Modeling
  • SPSS, SAS and S-PLUS Coding
  • Probability Models
  • Short Courses and Professional Development
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Please feel free to contact us at

If you need assistance or would like additional information, please complete this client information form and either fax this form to 519-971-3649 or email it to One of our consultants will contact you shortly after we receive the form.