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Areas of Research

A list of the general research areas of the Department faculty is below.  Further information about an individual faculty member may be found on that person's webpage.


Borisov, Dennis Chiral algebras, Vertex Operator Algebras, Gauge theory, Donaldson-Thomas invariants, Derived geometry, Homotopical algebra, Operads

Shapiro, Ilya Number Theory, Representation Theory and Homological Algebra

Yee, Wai Ling Representation Theory

Zahariuc, Adrian Algebraic Geometry: moduli spaces, classical algebraic geometry, enumerative geometry


Hu, Zhiguo Abstract Harmonic Analysis and Banach Algebras

Monfared, Mehdi S. Functional and Harmonic Analysis

Yang, Dilian Operator Algebras and Functional Equations

Applied Math / Operational Research / Optimization

Alfakih, A.Y. Operational Research, Optimization

Caron, Richard Operational Research, Optimization

Hlynka, Myron Operational Research


Statistics / Probability

Belalia, Mohamed  Copula: Estimation and applications in high dimension, Semi and nonparametric statistics, Independence and conditional independence tests, Asymptotic statistics, Statistical genetics and big data analytics

Hlynka, Myron Queueing Theory, Stochastic Processes

Hussein, Abdul Sequential Analysis

Nkurunziza, Sévérien Statistical Inference

Paul, Sudhir Biostatistics, Statistical Inference


 Research Computing

  • The University of Windsor is a member of several consortium groups which has enhanced immensely the Library’s ability to provide access to a large number of electronic databases in the area of Mathematics and Statistics, containing full text journals and other research resources.
  • Faculty, graduate and undergraduate students have on-site borrowing privileges at Ontario university libraries.
In addition, the proximity of Wayne State University, Oakland University, and the University of Michigan (Dearborn), University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) provide opportunities to our graduate students to access conference, speakers, and library facilities.