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Dr. Sudhir Paul

University Professor
Fellow of the American Statistical Association

B.Sc., M.Sc. (Dacca), Ph.D. (Wales)

LT 10-116
Ext. 3035

Recognitions (HONOURS and AWARDS)

  • Elected as Fellow of the American Statistical Association (2006)
  • Elected as Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (1982)
  • University Professor (University of Windsor), the University’s Highest award in recognition of “distinguished achievements in teaching and wide national and international reputation for scholarship or creative or professional accomplishments.”(2005)
  • Received a Faculty of science performance award for best overall performance in teaching, research and service. (2005)
  • Received Faculty of Science Special Recognition Award in recognition of excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity (2006)

Area of Research: Statistical Inference, Biostatistics

Research Interests:

My main focus of research is the development of theory and methods in the general area of Bio-Statistics, specifically in Correlated Data (clustered/longitudinal), Generalized Linear Models, Categorical Data Analysis, Zero-inflated and over-dispersed count data regression models, Case-control data, Estimating equations, Generalized Estimating Equations, Gaussian Estimation for binary and count data, Random effects models, Frailty models, Measurement error, Missing data, and Dose-response modeling, Generalized estimating equations, Epidemiological risk.

Selected  Publications:

  1. Zhang, Xuemao and Paul, Sudhir (2013), Modified Gaussian Estimation for Correlated Binary Data, Biometrical Journal, 55.
  2. Zaihra, T. and Paul, S.R. (2010). Interval estimation of some measures of association. International Journal of Biostatistics, 6, 1-21.
  3. Paul, S.R. and Banerjee, T. Balasoorya, U. (2010). Model selection in Multi-clump finite mixture models. Environmetrics. 21, 133-142.
  4. Paul, S. R. and Zaihra, T. (2008). Interval estimation of risk difference for data sampled from clusters. Statistics in Medicine, 27, 4207-4220.
  5. Paul, S. R. and Saha, K.K. (2007). The generalized linear model and extensions: A review and some biological and environmental applications. Environmetrics, 18, 421-443
  6. Saha, K., and Paul S. R. (2005). Bias Corrected maximum likelihood estimator of  the intraclass correlation parameter for binary data.  Statistics in Medicine 24, 3497-3512.
  7. Paul, S. R., Balasoorya, U., and Banerjee, T. (2005). Exact Fisher Information matrix of  the Dirichlett- multinomial distribution. Biometrical Journal, 47, 230-236
  8. Paul, S. R. and Jiang, X. (2005). Testing Homogeneity of Several two-parameter  populations. The Canadian Journal of Statistics 33, 131-143.
  9. Saha, K., and Paul S. R. (2005). Bias Corrected maximum likelihood estimator of the negative binomial dispersion parameter.  Biometrics 61, 180-186.
  10. Deng, D. and Paul, S. R. (2005). Generalized linear model, zero- inflation and over- dispersion. Statistica Sinica 15, 257-276.
  11. Paul, S. R., Xing, Jiang, Rai, S., and Balasoorya, U. (2004). Tests of treatment effect in pre-drug and post-drug count data.  Statistics in Medicine. 23, 1541-1554.
  12. Paul, S. R. and Deng, D. (2000). Goodness of fit of generalized linear models to sparse data. Journal of the Royal statistical Society, B, 62, 323-333.

Graduate Student Supervision

a) M.Sc. 

.S. WINSTANLEY                                                M.Sc  1981
S. C. ANAJE                                                              M.Sc  1982
R. K. BARNWAL                                         M.Sc  1986
N. I. HO                                                            M.Sc  1989
K. THIAGARAJAH                                                M.Sc  1989
D. DENG                                                                   M.Sc. 1997
S. THEDCHANAMOORTHY                                 M.Sc. 1997
L. Saied M.Sc. 2005
M. Ruvinova M.Sc. 2006
X. Zhang M.Sc. 2006
S. Mullah M.Sc. 2009
N. Patrveen M.Sc. 2009
Swapan Das M.Sc. 2009
Geetasree Hamshankar Civil Engineering M.Sc. 2009
Shahina Sultana M.Sc. 2011
Liang Chen M.Sc. 2013
b) Ph.D  
R. K. BARNWAL                                                    Ph. D. 1989
K. THIAGARAJAH                                                  Ph.D.  1992  
A. S. ISLAM                                                              Ph.D.  1994
D. DENG                                                                      Ph.D.  2001  
J. JIANG                                                                      Ph.D.  2004
K. SAHA                                                                    Ph.D.  2004
T. Zaihra Ph.D.  2009
K. Azad Ph.D.  2009
Xuemao Zhang Ph.D.  2011
c) Post-doctoral fellows:  
K.A. KHAN  1992
T. BANERJEE  1995, 1998, 2004, 2012
D. Deng 2001
S. Saha 2005
K. Azad 2010
(a) Current Graduate Students  
Rajibul Islam Ph. D.
Khurshid Alam Ph. D.
Rong Luo  Ph. D.
Abdullah Mamun Ph. D.
Mahmuda Yasmin M.Sc.
Kaiqiong  Zhao M.Sc.
Yiran  Zhao M.Sc.
Fanyi  Zeng M.Sc.