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B.Sc. (Sharif), M.Sc. (Iran), Ph.D. (Alberta)
LT 9-115
Ext. 3582


Research Interest: 

My research interests are in the areas of interaction between functional and harmonic analysis. I am interested in the study of Banach algebras, operator algebras, representation theory, amenability, topological centre, and the connections of all these with locally compact groups and harmonic analysis.

Recent  Publications:

  1. M. Filali and M. Sangani Monfared, Finite-dimensional left ideals in the dual of introverted spaces, to appear in the Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.
  2. M. Filali, M. Neufang, and M. Sangani Monfared, On ideals in the bidual of the Fourier algebra and related algebras, J. Functional Analysis 258 (2010), 3117--3133.
  3. M. Filali, M. Neufang, and M. Sangani Monfared, Weak factorizations of operators in the group von Neumann algebras of certain amenable groups and applications, to appear in the Math. Annalen.
  4. Z. Hu, M. Sangani Monfared, and T. Traynor, On character amenable Banach algebras, Studia Math. 193 (2009), 53--78.
  5. M. Sangani Monfared, Character amenability of Banach algebras, Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc. 144 (2008), 697--706.
  6. M. Sangani Monfared, On certain products of Banach algebras with applications to harmonic analysis, Studia Math. 178 (2007), 277--294.
  7. A. Derighetti, M. Filali, and M. Sangani Monfared, On the ideal structure of some Banach algebras related to convolution operators on Lp(G), J. Funct. Analysis 215 (2004), 341--365.
  8. M. Sangani Monfared, Extensions and isomorphisms for the generalized Fourier algebras of a locally compact group, J. Funct. Analysis 198 (2003), 413--444.