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Dr. Karen Y. Fung


B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D. (UCLA)
Professor Emeritae

Area of Research: Biostatistics


Research Interests

Statistical methodologies applied in air pollution and environmental health, cancer survival comparisons in urban and rural areas of Ontario, pharmacovigilence—effective safety management of drugs, acne lesions and quality of life, risk assessment in developmental toxicology.


Potential Research Projects

Environmental health study in Sarnia, Ontario

Comparison of cancer survivals in Canada and US

Novel statistical tools for monitoring the safety of marketed drugs.


Selected Publications

  1. Fung, KY, Khan S, Krewski D, Ramsay, T. (2007) “A comparison of methods for the analysis of recurrent health outcome data with environmental covariates” Statistics in Medicine 26(3): 532-545.
  2. Luginaah I, Fung, KY, Gorey K, Khan S. (2006) “The impact of 9/11 on the association of ambient air pollution with daily respiratory hospital admissions in a Canadian—US border city, Windsor, Ontario. International Journal of Environmental Studies 63: 501-514.
  3. Tan J, Morneau K, Fung K. (2005) “Randomized controlled trial of pimecrolimus 1% cream for treatment of facial acne vulgaris” American Academy of Dermatology 52:738-739.
  4. Krewski D, Smythe R, Fung, K. (2002) Optimal designs for estimating the effective dose in developmental toxicity experiments, Risk Analysis 22, 1195-1205.