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Dr. Francis Lemire

 University Professor



B.Sc. (Windsor), M.Sc. (Queens), Ph.D. (Queens)
University Professor, Professor Emeritus



Area of Research
Pure mathematics (more specifically algebra)

Research Interests
Current research interest centers on the structure and classification of irreducible weight modules for affine Lie algebras.

Research Projects
There are numerous potential research projects in the study of weight modules for Affine Lie algebras. For example, there is very little known about the category of weight modules for Affine Lie algebras. Specific problems could focus, for example, on the classification of all irreducible torsion free Affine modules or the multiplicity formulas for the irreducible weight Affine Lie algebras or the relationship between irreducible highest weight Affine modules with bounded multiplicities and irreducible torsion free Affine modules.

Recent Publications

1.     Daniel Britten, Justin Lariviere, and Frank Lemire, "Tensor Products of Torsion Free C_n modules of finite degree and finite dimensional modules", Comm. in Alg., 34 (2007) p. 4225-4234

2.     Daniel Britten, Olekandr Khomenko, Frank Lemire and Volodymyr Mazorchuk, "Complete reducibility of torsion free C_n modules of finite degree", Jour. of Alg. 276 (2004) p. 129-142

3.     Daniel Britten and Frank Lemire, "Formal characters and Resolution of Infinite Dimensional Simple A_r Modules of Finite Degree", CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, Volume 34, 2004 p. 131-139