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Dr. Dilian Yang


B.Sc.,(Sichuan Normal University), Ph.D. (Waterloo)
LT 9-116
Ext. 3042

Research Interests:
My main research interests are operator algebras and functional equations.
On operator algebras, I am currently interested in higher rank graph algebras. They are natural operator algebras associated with higher rank graphs, which are higher dimensional analogues of directed graphs. They have been attracting a great deal of attention recently. On one hand, there are some results generalized from graph algebras; on the other hand, they are significantly more complicated than graph algebras, and provide more intriguing operator algebras.
On functional equations, I am interested in studying them by applying harmonic analysis and representation theory. This gives close connections between functional equations and other areas.
Editorial Board: I am an editor for Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis (2014 - )
Recent Publications:

 Operator Algebras:

  1. H. Li and D. Yang, Self-Similar k-Graph C*-algebras, to appear in International Mathematics Research Notices, 36 pages. DOI: 10.1093/imrn/rnz146.
  2. H. Li and D. Yang, KMS states of self-similar k–graph C*-algebras. J. Funct. Anal. 276 (2019), 3795–3831.
  3. H. Li and D. Yang, Boundary quotient C*-algebras of products of odometers, Canad. J. Math. 71 (2019), 183–212.
  4. D. Yang, Affine actions and the Yang-Baxter equation, Adv. Oper. Theory 3 (2018), 710–730.
  5. J. Brown, H. Li and D. Yang, Cartan subalgebras of topological graph algebras and k-graph C*-algebras. Münster J. Math. 10 (2017), 367–381. 
  6. D. Yang, the interplay between k-graphs and the Yang-Baxter equation, Journal of Algebra 451 (2016), 494-525.
  7. D. Yang, Cycline subalgebras of k-graph C*-algebras, Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 144 (2016), 2959-2969.

  8. D. Yang, Factoriality and type classification of k-graph von Neumann algebras, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society 60 (2017), 499-518.

  9. D. Yang, Analytic free semigroup algebras and Hopf algebras, Houston J. Math. 42 (2016), 919-943. 

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 Functional Equations: 

  1. D. Ilisevi, A. Turnsek and D. Yang, Orthogonally Additive Mappings on Hilbert Modules, Studia Mathematica 221 (2014), 209-229.
  2. D. Yang, Functional equations and Fourier analysis, Canadian Mathematical Bulletin 56 (2013), 218-224.
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