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Colloquium - Dept. Mathematics & Statistics presents Prof. Masoud Khalkhali of the Dept. of Mathematics, University of Western

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  • Wed, 09/30/2015 - 3:00pm

Title: Determinants of Laplacians, old and new



 The famous infinite product formula \cdots = \sqrt{2 \pi} is just one example of   determinants of elliptic differential operators, e.g.  Laplacians,  on closed manifolds.   Such infinite determinants  can be defined, and sometimes even explicitly computed, by zeta    function regularization. They have many applications in mathematics and physics  e.g. in    defining  analytic torsion of manifolds.  I shall first give a general introduction to this circle of ideas and next explain how they can be  defined  in  some noncommutative settings.


Dina Labelle
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