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Colloquium - Dept. Mathematics & Statistics presents Dr. Neerchal K. Nagaraj of the Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics, UMBC, Baltimore

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  • Thu, 10/22/2015 - 3:00pm


Title: Estimating Risk from Incidence Data


Estimating  risk usually requires the knowledge of both total number of individuals exposed and the number injured. Injury data are sometimes collected as new incidences occur, and in such cases the total number exposed is unknown.  For example, a national database maintained by an ambulance service company consists of records associated with injuries suffered by emergency service providers such as emergency medical technicians , paramedics, and firefighters, along with adjunct workers such as secretaries, mechanics, and administrators.  Repeated injuries to the same person are reported along with demographic data. However, the database consists of only individuals who have suffered at least one injury  and the total number of individuals exposed is unavailable. Thus, estimating risk of injury becomes a challenging problem.   In this talk we will review the various statistical issues involved in obtaining defensible estimates of injury risk from such a database.  The ideas are applicable to a variety of other studies where truncated data are observed.

Acknowledgement:  Partly based joint work with my graduate students Brandon Fleming (MS) and Andrew Raim (PhD).


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