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Colloquium - Dept of Mathematics and Statistics presents Dr. Eugene Kim

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  • Thu, 09/24/2015 - 3:00pm


“Flatland – A Romance of Many Dimensions” or/and “Why does a physicist care about non-commutative geometry, the Jones polynomial, and even the Riemann hypothesis?”


    The two-dimensional electron gas – i.e. electrons confined to move in a plane – constitutes one of the most profound/beautiful systems in all of Nature – this system harbors a wealth of fascinating phenomena; profound mathematical objects/structures arise to describe/understand these phenomena.  In this talk, I will discuss how Nature gives us an experimental “knob” to access the seemingly abstract ideas/constructs alluded to in the title via the two-dimensional electron gas, particularly when immersed in a magnetic field.


Dina Labelle
519-253-3000 ext.3016