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Alumni Profiles

Shahid Bhatti, M.Sc. 2007: analyst,  ACCENT Consulting, Michigan

Haiping Cao, M.Sc. 2005:  Telecommunications researcher in Cisco

Byung Kyu Chun, M.Sc. 2011:  instructor, Upper Canada College

Yin Cui, M.Sc. 2007: Senior Risk Analyst, CIBC

Swapan Das, M.Sc. 2010, Decision Support Analyst, CNAP, Toronto.

Dianliang Deng, Ph.D. 2001: Professor, University of Regina

Steve Drekic, M.Sc. 1995:  Professor, University of Waterloo

Geetasree Hamashankar: M.Sc. 2010, Environmental Officer, GM.

Wayne Horn, M.Sc. 1999:  Math Centre Director, Carleton University

Bradley Howell, M.Sc. 2009:  Bank of Canada

Cao Hui, M.Sc. 2006:  Analyst, Blue Shield

Mubeen Hussein, M.Sc. 2011:  Actuary (ASA), Manulife

Xing Jiang, Ph.D. 2004: Associate Professor, Kings College, University of Western University.

Azad Kazi, Ph.D. 2009: Associate Professor, Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh.

Saha Krishna, Ph.D. 2004:  Assistant Professor, Central Connecticut State University

Justin Lariviere, M.Sc. 2006:  Director, Mathematics and Statistics Learning Centre, University of Windsor

Shadeque Mullah, M.Sc. 2010: Ph.D. Student in Biostatistics at McGill University

Nabila Parveen, M.Sc. 2010: Ph.D. Student in Biostatistics at McGill University

Enayetur Raheem,  Ph.D. 2011: Assistant Professor of Environmental Statistics, Department of Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Kirk Roy, M.Sc. 1995:  Actuary (FSA), Blue Cross Michigan

Tolulupe Sajobi, M.Sc. 2007:  Assistant Professor, University of Calgary

Qifeng Shen, M.Sc. 2005:  Electronic Arts Canada

Shaheena Sultana, M.Sc. 2011: Assistant Registrar, Shahjalal University, Bangladesh
Huiling Xiong, M.Sc. 2003:  Pharmaceutical research

Katrina Tomanelli, M.Sc. 2012:  Professor, St. Claire College

Tang, YiWen, M.Sc. 2008: currently senior data analyst,  Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

Tasneem Zaihra, Ph.D. 2009:  Assistant Professor, State University of New York Brockport

Xuemao Zhang, Ph.D. 2011: Post-doctoral Fellow at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA

Gang Zhou, M.Sc. 2003:  Researcher in the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton