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About the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Welcome in several languages

We welcome you to the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures / Département de langues, littératures et cultures in each of the languages in which instruction is offered regularly.

We are a multidisciplinary department, offering undergraduate and graduate programs and courses in a variety of languages and on diverse ancient and modern literatures and cultures. Our main areas of of instruction are Greek and Roman Studies, French Studies, Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies.

Our Greek and Roman Studies program focuses on all aspect of these ancient civilizations, including history, literature, art, and religion, as well as the ancient Greek and Latin languages.

Our French Studies program offers Major degree options in French literature and culture and features an international francophonie focus. A Concurrent French Studies / Education program that prepares students to teach French as a second-language in the school system also is available.

Our Modern Languages program offers several degree program options in German, Italian and Spanish language and culture, including degrees with two-language options, a Certificate in Second Language Education and a single language degree requiring that the third year is spent at a university in Germany, Italy, Spain or Mexico.

Our Intercultural Studies area offers concentrations in Arabic Studies and Latin American Studies. Courses leading toward a teachable in Religion are provided in our Religion and Culture stream. Special interest courses are offered in Chinese culture, Ojibwe language and culture and Japanese language.

Our new proposed course-only MA program will be unique in Canada. The program will present students with the opportunity to explore the role of language and culture as means of defining reality and understanding human experience. The degree may be completed in one year of full-time study, but is idealy suited for students employed full-time and able to take courses only on a part-time basis.  For more information on the estimated availibility of the program please contact the department.


For additional information on any of our programs, please follow the links provided.