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U.S.A. Visitor Visa (B1/B2)

This information is intended for current University of Windsor students only who are applying to VISIT the USA

If you are plan to travel to the USA to visit family/friends, for a vacation, or for other reasons (such as attending a conference, shopping in Detroit, etc.), you will need a US Visitor’s Visa (some countries are exempt) - generally speaking you will want to apply for a B-1/B-2 visa. You are NOT a student in the USA so you will NOT apply for a Student visa (F-1 visa).

If you need information about applying for a visa to STUDY in the USA you should contact the officials at the American school you are going to be attending for assistance.

To get a visitor visa for the US you must:

1. Fill out the DS-160 form at https: and print your confirmation barcode page before exiting the program. You will need to scan a passport size photograph (Photographic specifications)

2. Create an account on the Official U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment Service. You will be asked for your DS-160 Confirmation number, so you must have that with you. International Students must also select that they are non-Canadian Students residing in Canada and have completed the US DS-160 form

3. Pay USD$160.00 online (credit card, debit or Paypal) at the Official U.S. Department of State Visa Appointment ServiceClick here for a complete list of payment optionsThis fee is due BEFORE scheduling your appointment and is nonrefundable and nontransferable regardless of whether a visa is issued. Note that with the conversion, you will be paying around $210 CAD.

4. Select your appointment date and time. Visa applications are by prior appointment only and appointments are only available on weekdays. The Consulate is closed on U.S. and Canadian holidays, and weekends.

Before scheduling your appointment you will need the following:

  • DS-160 confirmation number (print the confirmation page)
  • Your passport
  • Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express or a Debit Card

5. Finalize you application and print out your interview confirmation. The required documents are printed on this confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Documents to Bring to Your Interview

*This information will be provided on the interview confirmation form.*

What you need to bring to the interview :

  • Passport or travel document valid for 6 months beyond your U.S. stay.
  • Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application, DS-160 confirmation sheet (barcode) number for each applicant.
  • For graduate students: you must bring a copy of your CV (not resume, what is the difference)
  • For MEng students and CEPE students: You can request a letter from the Registrar's Office explaining that your program does not require research.
  • Interview Confirmation Form

‚ÄčWhat you may bring to the interview (not all of these documents are required):

  • Confirmation of Enrollment letter and transcripts (from the Registrar’s Office)
    • When you receive the letter check that the "Graduation Date" has been entered on the form
    • Do not write or mark on the Enrollment Letter in any way, only highlight the "Expected Date of Graduation"
    • It is important that the "Graduation Date" is accurate and reasonable for the program in which you are currently registered (do not over estimate your graduation date) 
  • Current official transcripts from Registrar's Office
  • Confirmation that you have paid your tuition. 
  • Bring a recent front view 2"x2" passport photo.
  • Original (no photocopies) proof of current visa/immigration status in Canada.
  • For any scientific or high-technology related travel: a letter explaining what you do outside of the United States, your intentions in the United States, your current resume and list of your publications. Notice that these applications may require up to two extra months processing time. Apply early !!
  • If you were previously in the United States, any documents attesting to your status.
  • Criminal/court records pertaining to any arrest or conviction, even if later pardoned.
  • Translation into English of any non-English document.

If your visa is approved you may be required to pay an additional fee for visa issuance, known as a reciprocity fee.  This fee may be paid in cash or by credit card at the U.S. Consulate.  You may confirm this prior to your interview at .

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Your passport with the visa will be sent to you by mail within a few days after the interview. To check the status of your application after the interview click here

Watch this informative video about the visa application process

When making your appointment you must choose the Loomis office in Windsor, ON.  When the US Consulate advises the student that their visa has been approved, they will give the student a form letter that will instruct you how to track your passport delivery. 

After you submit you application, if more than a month goes by without receiving your passport back, you can send a message to this email:

Please come to your appointment on time and fully prepared. There is no chance to complete documents, take photos, pay visa fees, purchase pre-paid courier envelopes, etc. at the consulate. Please enter at 225 Simcoe Street, at the rear of the consulate. The nearest subway stop is Osgoode. Be prepared to be inside the consulate for 2 hours or more. Applicants who come unprepared should expect to be turned away and must reschedule their appointments at

All applicants must undergo strict security screening prior to entry

  • Electronic or battery powered equipment, cameras, cell phones, food, liquids or dangerous articles of any kind. There are no storage facilities at the consulate

(3)  Students can send an e-mail to inquire on the status of their pending applications BUT you should wait for at least 1 month after your interview date before sending any emails. Inquires can be sent to:

Please note the following:

(1)  USA visas are not issued the same day as your interview. Sometimes they are available the next day, other times it can take longer.

(2)  In the USA there is a presumption in the law "that every visitor visa applicant is an intending immigrant." Therefore, applicants for visitor visas must overcome this presumption by demonstrating that:

  • The purpose of their trip is to enter the U.S. for business, pleasure, or medical treatment.
  • They plan to remain for a specific and limited period of time.
  • They have a residence outside the U.S. as well as other binding ties which will insure their return abroad at the end of the visit.
All services - including calling for information and scheduling an appointment - will be provided for no additional cost online at or by calling 1- 877 341-2441 (calling from elsewhere in Canada)

The first time you enter the US, border officers will issue you a I-94 document which costs US $6.00 and it will state the date by which you must leave the United States. The next time you enter you won't need to get a new one, but you should return it to either the US or Canadian border officers before its expiration date.

I forgot to turn in my I-94 when I left the U.S., what should I do?

Multilingual videos and information about crossing the border into the USA.

For help, further information, or to have your documents checked come to the International Students’ Centre (Second floor Laurier Hall)