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Study Permit - Renewals

Every effort will be made to make sure that the information on this website is up to date and accurate, but you should always check the CIC website to be sure.

A Study Permit is the paper document given to you at the airport that allows you to study in Canada, your Entry Visa is a sticker in your passport that allows you to enter Canada. Your Study Permit must be valid in order for you to study at the University of Windsor.

You can and should renew your Study Permit from within Canada if it is about to expire. Ideally, you want to renew your Study Permit 90-30 days before it expires.The cost to renew a Study Permit is $150. Please note that if you are completing an online application, you will need a Credit Card to pay this fee. A debit visa card WILL NOT be accepted. 

Once you have received the new Study Permit, you must bring it to the ISC to update your file. Failure to comply will affect your ability to register for the upcoming semester.

To Apply Online

Please follow the link below to apply for the Study Permit electronically:

You must scan the following documents to complete your application:

  • Passport (include: photo page, Canadian entry stamp pages, signature page, and  Study Permit)
  • Recent bank statement
  • Enrolment Certificate and transcript (Both available at the Registrar's Office)
  • One passport size photograph

Note: The first enrolment letter is provided by the Registrar's Office free of charge. Any additional letters will be subject to a $10 charge. Transcipts are printed for a fee of $12.

 To Apply by Mail

  1. Complete Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Student [IMM 5709]  (PDF, 415 KB)
  2. Follow this guide to answer the questions
  3. Complete document checklist
  4. Proof of financial support while you study in Canada:

You must prove you have enough money (in Canadian funds) to support yourself while you study in Canada. This can include:

  • a bank statement or a letter from a Canadian bank showing how much money you have in your bank account (must indicate your name and the account number);
  • a copy of the letter giving the details about your scholarship or Canadian-funded educational program (such as a CIDA program);
  • a letter from a person (describe the relationship to you) who is giving you financial help, explaining the arrangements made for your expenses. (This information is protected under the Privacy Act and cannot be released to a third party without your sponsor’s consent.)

Documents to be sent with the application:

  1. Enrolment Certificate (from the Registrar’s Office). Make sure that this letter contains the University's DLI#(O19358946722)
  2. Transcripts (from Registrar's Office)

  3. Photocopy of Passport and valid Study Permit

  4. Payment receipt (you need to pay online and print the receipt)

  5. You can check the processing time of your application in this website.

Send this application via registered mail to Vegreville:

Citizenship and Immigration - Study Permit
Case Processing Centre
6212 - 55th Avenue, Unit 101
Vegreville, AB
T9C 1X5


If you're planning to print these documents at the ISC, click on the button below:

How to Print

Expired Study Permit:

It is important to apply for the renewal before the expiry of your current Study Permit. If your Study Permit has expired and you continue to study and/or work on-campus you are committing an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

If your Study Permit has expired you may apply for restoration of status, but you need to do so within 90 days of your Study Permit expiry date, or you must leave Canada. There is no guarantee that your application for restoration will be accepted. On your application you must provide full details of all the facts and circumstances that resulted in you applying late.

If you are trying to renew your Study Permit after it has expired you must pay a restoration fee of $200 (for restoration of status) in addition to the $150 fee for the Study Permit application. You will not be able to renew your Study Permit if more than 90 days have passed since the expiration date.

The Canadian Consulate in Detroit no longer processes study or work permit applications

For help or further information please come to the International Students’ Centre (2nd floor Laurier Hall)

Withdrawal of an Online Application

If you wish to withdraw your online application, you may send a request by email to <> .

You must include the following information in your message:

* Complete Name;
* Client ID number, if you have one;
* Date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD);
* Country of birth;
* Complete address (including the postal code). If the residential address is different from the mailing address, please provide both addresses;
* Telephone number. If you have more than one contact number, please provide them all;
* Application type;
* Date the e-Application was transmitted;
* Online application reference number; and
* Payment receipt number.

And please indicate if you wish to have your payment refunded or keep your payment receipt for a future application.

The e-Services Unit will determine whether a withdrawal request is possible and will communicate with you via e-mail within three (3) working days of our receipt of the above information.