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Money & Financial Information

International students can get money back from last year's taxes, but you must file a tax return form. To learn more about this process the ISC presents information sessions every winter semester (between the end of February and the begining of March) and free tax clinics through March.

To calculate fees for any program, find out deadlines, and how to calculate interest for tuition fees, visit this website

As an international student, you can now pay tuition and fees easily from the University website, thanks to GlobalPay.  Simply click on the link below and discover how to make a transfer directly from your bank to the University of Windsor.

There are a number or bursaries given to international students during the fall and winter semesters, to apply for these you most review your WISEL messages periodically for announcements, conditions, deadlines, etc.

Students from some countries require letters from the University stating how much money they need for tuition and living expenses. here is how to get them.