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Environmental Wednesdays Movie List

Documentaries for March 2014

 No Impact Man: March 5

“A family embarks on a year-long project to reduce their net footprint by using no electricity, producing no trash and giving back to the world. No Impact Man presents the severe lifestyle changes that come with altering their entire existence.”


Addicted to Plastic: March 12

“Focusing on manufacturing, environmental effects and solutions, a documentarian journeys around the world to trace the life cycle of plastic. While plastic is the most versatile material ever invented, its ubiquity comes at a steep cost to mankind.”

Farmageddon: March 19

“Americans' right to access fresh, healthy foods of their choice is under attack. This documentary tells the story of farms that were providing safe, nutritional foods to their communities but were forced to stop, sometimes through violent action.”


Dirty Business: March 26

“Rolling Stone reporter Jeff Goodell examines America's continuing dependence on coal and the effects of that reliance in this eye-opening documentary. Goodell investigates coal's environmental and human cost, as well as the notion of ‘clean coal.’”You can watch the documentary here.  











Every Wednesday at 1:00 PM, the International Student Centre will show a documentary with an environmental topic. 

If you know of a documentary that you would like to suggest appear on International Wednesdays please the International Student Advisor (Enrique Chacon)