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Eating properly is very important. Poor eating habits can leave you unable to focus on your studies, or worse, sick/ill. "Canadian food" is not spicy and can be very different from what you are accustomed to eating at home. Learning some basic cooking skills before you leave home is a good idea. Fortunately, the campus is surrounded by many international grocery stores and restaurants. Eating all your meals from a restaurant can become quite expensive and you will want/need to cook for yourself.

If you take a walk or bus ride down Wyandotte St. toward the downtown (going east) you will be amazed at the number of oriental grocery stores, herbal shops, bakeries, video rental stores, restaurants and clothing stores. Most are either within five minutes of campus or close to downtown (about a six minute bus ride). There are also a number of Halal butchers located on both Wyandotte St. and University Ave.

Large grocery stores are less expensive than convenience stores and offer a greater variety of products and produce. The closest grocery store to campus is Metro (located at the corner of Huron Church Rd. and Tecumseh Road. W. It is a 15-minute walk from campus down Huron Church Rd. After shopping, you may want to take a taxi back home. There are a number of large and small stores in the area around Metro where you can purchase clothes, shoes, and other household needs. Zellers and Canadian Tire would be the largest stores, and a good place to start looking for household items.

Devonshire Mall (located on Howard Ave.) has over 100 different stores and food outlets. To get there by bus, get on at University Ave or Wyandotte, then transfer at Ouellette Avenue to the 1A bus which will take you to the Mall. The same trip in a taxi will cost around $15.

Ouellette Avenue is Windsor's main street, running from the Detroit River (in the heart of the downtown shopping district) south to the main highway (locally it is refered to as "the 4-0-1"). If you need a specific item or service, always check the yellow pages of your Windsor phone book, it provides comprehensive listing of what is available.

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