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Inviting your Family to Attend your Convocation Ceremony

If you want to invite family members to come to your graduation you must send the following documents, so they can apply for a visitor’s visa:

  1. A letter of invitation that you write to your family member. This should state how long she/he will be visiting Canada. Include the names of all family members as well as their relationship to you (example: wife, father, son, daughter, mother, etc.), their date of birth and their address. More details about the letter of invitation are available online at:
  2. A copy of your valid Canadian Study Permit (or Post Grad Work Permit)
  3. Official invitation from the Registrar's Office:

If you have applied to graduate in the next ceremony, you can request an official invitation from the Registrar's office with the names of your relatives in them. Each graduation letter is $10.

To request one please email the following information to

  • Your Name
  • Your Student Number
  • Invitee's First Name
  • Invitee's Last Name

Once your family member has received all the needed information from you, they can then submit it to the Canadian embassy, consulate or High Commission nearest them. If you encounter problems after having provided the above information please contact the International Student Centre.

Additional Information for when you are inviting spouse or children (dependants) to join you in Canada:

Proof of funds - Canada Immigration wants to establish that you have sufficient funds to support you and your family (if dependents). The guidelines in defining sufficient financial resources for one year are:

Student living expenses $ 10,000
+ spouse living expenses $ 4,000 (if applicable)
+ each child $ 3,000 (if applicable)
+ student's tuition & fees $ ______

Supporting documents you should consider including to show that you have sufficient funds are:

  • A bank statement showing your current bank balance.  When getting your balance, please ensure that the bank does not just print out your current balance.
  • Canada Immigration needs to see some consistency in depositing funds to your account, therefore, a bank statement showing 3 to 6 months would be best.
  • The statement should show that you have sufficient funds to provide for your family for at least one year (even though they may be visiting Canada for a shorter amount of time). 
  • If you are being paid as a research assistant or teaching/graduate assistant, provide a letter from your department stating the length of the appointment and how much salary you are being paid. 
  • A T-4 Slip (if applicable). This will show how much you earned in the previous year.

For help or further information please come to the International Students’ Centre (Second Floor Laurier hall)