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Centre for Inter-Faculty Programs
Environmental Studies

Minor In Organizational Learning and Teaching

14-80-420. Theories of Indiv. & Coll. Learning
Fall 2015 Monday & Wednesday 4:00pm-5:20pm Memorial Hall Room 109
Students will examine current theories pertaining to learning and learners in diverse organizational contexts. Particular themes will be examined, including the nature of learning, patterns of growth and development, the dynamics and complexities of learning in diverse educational contexts, and current educational realities in society. Specifically, students will examine a number of important issues, such as: learning and cognitive processes; personal, social and moral development; individual and group differences; social-cognitive views (e.g., racial discrimination, bullying, harassment, abuse, gender bias, xenophobia, homophobia, stereotyping); motivation and cognition relevant to individual and collective learning; knowledge construction and higher-order thinking. In this course, students will develop a critical awareness of learning theories and related issues and will critique, analyze, and reflect on the underlying assumptions associated with matters and the implications for individual and collective learning in learning organizations.