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Dr. Jasra

Welcome to all current and potential students interested in pursuing a Forensic Sciences degree. We are very excited with the many new developments including second year in a row for funding from Ontario Ministry of Education.

The Forensic Sciences have a successful mentorship program with an annual Best Mentor-Mentee pair award.  We received an overwhelming response from students to participate as mentors. A dedicated blackboard website effectively communicates with all the particiapnts . Monthly meetings are organized for all the members to update and guide them on various academic issues. All the members are working enthusiastically to make this program successful. 

We have a very successful annual conference Trends in Forensic Sciences: This is the only University sponsored Forensic Sciences conference in Canada.

This conference provides insight into the diversity of the ever growing fields of Forensic Sciences.

The conference day is highlighted with:

  • Key note address by famous Forensic Sciences Professional
  • An intriguing scientific session: “Under the Magnifying Lens”: a look into the science behind the crime. A number of Forensic experts shares their professional experiences.
  • Forensic students research presentations
  • Forensic Sciences Research Showcase 
  • Mock Crime Scene Investigation
  • CSI-Windsor Forensics Hands- on Workshops

The Forensic programs are adding new crime scene investigation as well as advance Forensic Sciences courses to keep up with the ever growing diversity of the Forensic Sciences fields.

New Courses :

  • Forensic Serology and DNA Applications
  • Bioterrorism ,Food and Environment Forensics 
  • Forensic Medicine : Toxins and Pathology

The Forensic Sciences is also proud to have incorporated new technologies in the programs .These exciting resources and opportunities are available for our students for Forensic internships and research:

  • Video Spectral Comparator ( VSC HD-40) for high profile  forensic documents Analysis
  • CSI-pix Matcher for computerized  fingerprint analysis
  • FARO-Reality Crime Scene Reconstruction and scene processing 
  • Biometrics Research Platform for Facial Expression Analysis and GSR for skin sensitivity and heart rate and NEW EYE TRACKER
  • Voice Biometrics Analysis
  • Innovative Forensic Medicine Research wth invivo 5-Medical Design Studio

The Forensic Sciences students at University of Windsor have the privilege to use all these high profile equipment and software to help them develop the skills for a bright successful Future career.

The Forensic Sciences degree gives the students the option to choose diverse careers in their own area/subject of specialization.

We are also excited to launch the University of Windsor, online open access Journal of Emerging Forensic Sciences Research

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page Forensics@uwindsor to get regular updates

I am waiting eagerly to meet you all in person and continue working for the progress of all Forensic Sciences Students.

Dr. Shashi K . Jasra 

Forensic Sciences
Faculty of Science
(519) 253-3000 Ext: 4583

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