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Erie Hall - University of Windsor

Forensic Sciences at Windsor: Two Degrees

The University of Windsor offers two degrees in Forensic Sciences keeping with the vast diversity of the Forensic fields :

  • Honours Bachelor of Forensic Science
    • Courses emphasis in the sciences currently having concentrations in Life sciences , Biology , Chemistry and Information technology
  • Combined B.A. Honours in Forensics
    • Combine this degree with other a second major program in any of the arts and social sciences subjects such as Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, English, French, Sociology etc.

Forensics Halloween Party

Individual costume winners                                         Group Costume Winners

1st place: Megan Natili    2nd place: Regan Pardo            1st Place : Rikka Torre & Rene Nassar


Group Costume Winners :

2nd place: Aya El-Sabbagh, Shelby Clark, Zara Vahidy, Ahmed Abdallah, Daniella Pereira