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Forensic Sciences at Windsor: Two Degrees

Forensic science is the study of evidence in criminal investigation for presentation in courts of law. Crime scene artifacts are frequently perishable; their collection, packaging, preservation, and analysis require special expertise and scientific knowledge.

Our forensic programs focus on acquiring the skills essential to the practice of forensics. In both classroom and lab, you will learn the identification, preservation, measurement and analysis of evidence and interpersonal, public-speaking and critical thinking skills. You will learn how to report and present forensic evidence. You will also study law, criminality, judicial systems and the importance of high ethical standards in forensic investigations.

Honours Bachelor of Forensic Science

  • The study of evidence for presentation in courts of law
  • Course emphasis in the sciences including molecular biology/biochemistry, biology or chemistry
  • Study methods of collecting, handling, and analyzing evidence through the application and integration of particular sciences and law with an emphasis on high ethical standards in legal investigations

Combined B.A. Honours in Forensics

  • Combine this degree with other combined major programs in the arts and social sciences such as Criminology, Psychology, Philosophy, Political Science, English, French and Anthropology
  • Study methods of collecting and handling evidence, legal issues associated with analysis of evidence and standards in legal investigations
  • Graduates can tailor their degree to pursue further studies at the graduate level

Forensic Sciences Newsletter : DIMENSIONS

The Annual newsletter provides the information about curriculum, events, news, Forensic conference-TIFS, student achievements, placement and research opportuinities, alumni as well as the new technology resources available at University of Windsor