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Why Humanities? Contest

Each year, the Humanities Research Group hosts the Why Humanities? contest, asking students why the humanities matter to them.  Congratulations to all of the students who took the time to write meaningfully and passionately about why the humanities are so important.  The varied and eloquent entries from the finalists (published here) are a testament to both the vitality of the humanities, and the talent across our departments and faculties at the University of Windsor.

Thanks to President Wildeman and the President's Office for their generous support of the Why Humanities? contest and celebration.

-HRG Director, Kim Nelson


Top 10

Luke Ethier

Alexa DiCecco

Mina Wiebe

Tita Kyrtsakas

Dominic Pizzolitto


Top 5

Rima Asfour

Marisa Bordonaro

Aline Nguyen

Alex-Andre Ungurenaso

Rebecca Daoud


And congratulations to our winner...

Cameron Badour

Watch his prize-winning video entry here.


Why Humanities? contest winner Cameron Badour with HRG Director

Kim Nelson and University of Windsor President Dr. Alan Wildeman