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Director of HRG
Kim Nelson


Thanks for checking out the HRG. 

Just shy of its 30th birthday, (in 2019), the Humanities Research Group is a cadre of students, community members and academics dedicated to bringing ideas and debate across the disciplines of the arts and humanities, to an interdisciplinary audience of students, scholars and our greater community.


Kim Nelson assumed the role of HRG Director in July 2017. A filmmaker by training, she moved to Windsor from Vancouver in 2005 and joined the ranks at the University of Windsor in 2007.  Inspired by the work and support of colleagues and student collaborators, Kim’s research/creative practice evolved to include performance film, film theory and the philosophy of history, dubbed the Live Doc Project. Kim is excited to take on this role that she has observed performed with such aplomb ever since she arrived at UWindsor, by Stephen Pender, Antonio Rossini and, the greatest baton-passer anyone could ever ask for, Erica Stevens Abbitt.


We want you to be inspired, engaged, stimulated, challenged, informed. We want you to participate. 

The HRG wants you!


Kim Nelson

Associate Professor | Cinema Arts

School of Creative Arts 


Director, The Humanities Research Group

University of Windsor

Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9B 3P4

519-253-3000 x. 3508


Contact Information:
(519) 253-3000 extension 3508


Humanities Research Group Advisory Board Members 2017/2018

Kim Nelson, Director, HRG

Marcello Guarini, Dean, FAHSS

Heidi Jacobs, Leddy Library

Kyle Asquith, Communication, Media & Film

Ronjon Paul Datta (Paul), Sociology

Guillaume Teasdale, History

Kenn Stanton, Essex County Black Historical Research Society

Jaclyn Meloche, Art Gallery of Windsor

Lydia Miljan, Political Science

Jennifer Willet, School of Creative Arts

Christopher Tindale, Philosophy

 Debra Henderson, Arts Administrator, Educator, Community Representative

Lesleigh Cameron, Student Representative

Ronnie Haidar, Student Representative


Humanities Research Group Fellows 2018-2019

Ronjon Paul Datta


Admin Support

Yvonne Zimmerman  
Special Events 
Office of the Dean
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


Room 207 Chrysler Hall Tower
401 Sunset Ave. Windsor ON Canada N9B 3P4
Tel 519 253 3000 Ext. 3508 Fax 519 971 3659

Humanities Research Group:
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