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As part of its ongoing mandate to foster research in the humanities, broadly-defined, the Humanities Research Group is offering a fellowship for next year.  University of Windsor faculty with research or creative projects in the arts, humanities, or in theoretical, historical, or philosophical aspects of the social sciences are invited to apply. Multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary projects are particularly welcome.


Humanities Fellowships [1]

The fellowship is designed to provide University of Windsor faculty with the time necessary to complete major research or creative projects and to prepare the results for publication, presentation, or performance. Projects should be completed during the tenure of the award. Fellows will be affiliated with the HRG and will deliver a public lecture about their work. HRG fellowships carry an award of one term (two courses) release time from teaching, during which fellows will be expected to engage in full-time research. All full-time faculty, at any rank, tenured or probationary, are eligible to apply.

There is no application form. Applicants should submit a two page application, outlined below, a CV and their head of department must email a brief email of support, CCed to the applicants, in advance of the deadline.


Letters of application should include:

1. A one page abstract describing the research and/or creative project that the applicant wishes to undertake with this support from the HRG.


2. One page that outlines:

-A rationale for working with the HRG that explains how this project will resonate with and engage HRG audience members comprised of the campus community of students, faculty and staff, as well as the broader community.

-How this project fits into the researcher/artist’s broader work or creative practice.


3. A curriculum vitae


4. A brief email from the applicant’s head in support of the application. Nothing beyond a brief statement of support from your head of department is required.


Please Note:

-Formerly three letters of reference were part of the application. This requirement has been dropped. In its place we require that applicants’ department heads email the HRG, CCing the applicant, stating that they are aware of, approve, and support this application, in advance of the deadline.

-HRG Fellows are encouraged to attend HRG events in the year of their fellowship.

-The HRG will consider all applicants who are faculty at the University of Windsor but gives priority to early to mid-career scholars.



Applicants should arrange to have email of support for their applications from department heads sent directly to the HRG before the deadline via electronic email to Incomplete applications cannot be considered.


Applications should be submitted to:

Kim Nelson, Director
, Humanities Research Group, 
University of Windsor, 
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N9B 3P4

Please send to


Funding for these fellowships provided by the Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.


Deadline for 2018-19 applications is February 9, 2018. 

For more information contact:

Yvonne Zimmerman

519 253 3000 Ext 3508