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Fellowships & Scholarships and Application for Support

Please note that the following Fellowships, Scholarships or Awards are specific to the Humanities Research Group or the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. For other awards or further information please contact the Department of Student Awards and Financial Aid.

Further note:  All awards are subject to budgetary approval and may not be awarded for the upcoming year due to budgetary restraints.


Fellowships are available for University of Windsor faculty.

Humanities Research Group Fellowships
Current Fellows
Past Fellows

Scholarships and Awards

Joseph T. Culliton Award in the Humanities  
Peter W. Halford Award in the Humanities


HRG Co-Sponsorships: Application for support - Humanities Research Group, University of Windsor

The Humanities Research Group promotes research in all disciplines in the humanities.  It seeks to promote communication and exchange of ideas among these and other disciplines, and to promote research and communication across the faculty and across the University.  HRG typically supports events which have other supporting partners, and we welcome partnerships locally, regionally, within our nation and beyond in support of our mandate.

We welcome your inquiry!  Please provide us with further information at the following link: