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Department of Human Resources

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Office of the Vice-President, Human Resources

Rita LaCivita
Vice-President, Human Resources
Ext. 2059
Room 505 CHT
Gerri Pacecca
Executive Assistant to the Vice-President, Human Resources
Ext. 2059
Room 504A CHT

Academic Labour Relations

Daniella Beaulieu
Director, Academic Labour Relations
Ext. 2094
Room 504B CHT

Employee Engagement and Development

Marcela Ciampa
Director, Organizational Development and Training
Ext. 2060
Room 508A CHT
Oliga Tserakhava
Employee Engagement and Development Coordinator
Ext. 2044
Room 510 CHT

Employee and Labour Relations

Bryce Chandler
Director, Employee and Labour Relations
Ext. 2054
Room 507 CHT
Nancy Kuntz
Employee Relations Manager
Ext. 2051 
Room 509 CHT
Mark Learn
Employee Relations Manager
Ext. 2052
Room 508B CHT
Tracy MacLeod
Employee Relations Associate
Ext. 4520
Room 512CHT
Amanda Noble
Employee Relations Associate
Ext. 2089
Room 512 CHT
Employment Services
Kelly Fuerth
Employee Recruitment Co-ordinator
Ext. 4523
Room 512 CHT
Laurie Renaud
Employment Clerk
Ext. 2050
Room 512 CHT

Employee Services

Cheryl Paglione
Director, Employee Services
Ext. 2014
Room 506 CHT
Health and Safety
Sherri Lynne Menard
Manager, Environmental Health and Safety
Ext. 2055
Room 500 CHT
Lisa Kiritsis
Manager, Occupational Heath and Safety
Ext. 4547
Room 500 CHT
Colin Hebert
Health and Safey Coordinator
Ext. 4521
Room 500CHT
Pensions, Benefits & HR Systems
Tom Puskas
Manager, HRIS, Benefits and Records
Ext. 2048
Room 511A CHT
Barb Beaulieu
HRIS, Benefits and Records Administrator
Ext. 2049
Room 511 CHT
Bridget Brown
Student Employment Clerk/Receptionist
Ext. 2047
Room 501A CHT
Diana Colley
HRIS, Benefits and Records Administrator
Ext. 2090
Room 511 CHT
Daljit Gill
Pension Administrator
Ext. 2053
Room 510 CHT