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Department of Human Resources

Southwestern Ontario Health Care Partnership (HCP)

As part of our on-going search for innovative ways to control rising costs, the University of Windsor has joined the Southwestern Ontario Health Care Partnership – Pharmacy Component, arranged by Mercer (Canada) Limited. 

Health Care benefit costs continue to increase.  Rising prescription drug costs are a significant part of the reason.  The Health Care Partnership provides a network of participating pharmacies that have agreed to provide University of Windsor faculty and staff with discounted dispensing/professional fees, competitive drug ingredient prices, and high quality, preferred services levels.  All offer convenient hours of operation.  Many also have home delivery and after-hour emergency services.

While use of the HCP program will be voluntary, and there will be no change to your current drug benefit coverage or dispensing fee co-pay, by simply showing your membership card at one of the participating HCP pharmacies (perhaps your pharmacy is already a participating member), you are partnering with the University of Windsor to manage costs by utilizing valuable health care dollars in the most cost-effective ways. 

If you have any questions about the HCP program, please contact Ms. Cheryl Paglione, Director of Employee Services at ext. 2014.

How can I utilize the HCP Benefit?

  • Contact the Human Resources Department at extension 2047 to obtain your HCP membership card.  
  • Consult the HCP participating local pharmacies list.
  • When you need to have a prescription filled, go to any HCP pharmacy listed and show them your HCP identification card along with your Green Shield Subscriber Card.
  • The pharmacy will adjust their standard dispensing fee to be no more than $8.40 (eff. Apr. 1, 2012) per script, a significant savings from current pharmacy dispensing fee charges.

Full listing of all participating pharmacies in the Southwestern Ontario Healthcare Partnership.