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University of Windsor History Department Community Heritage Medals 2015

The Department of History at the University of Windsor is proud to present the community Heritage Medals to the following individuals: 


Arthur Jahns, for his extraordinary contributions to the conservation of the heritage of the city of Windsor through his dedicated collection, cataloguing and conservation of documents and artifacts relating to the history of the Hiram Walker corporation, the Walker family, Willistead Manor, and the Walkerville district. 

Kathleen Moderwell, for her extraordinary contributions to the conservation of the heritage of Windsor, Blenheim and Essex and Kent Counties. For the past twenty years Kay Moderwell has been a member of the Historical Society of Blenheim and District, and has donated her 1870s family home in Blenheim to the municipality of Chatham-Kent as a way of honouring her family heritage, and for it to be used as a Heritage Resource Centre and Museum by the Historical Society of the town of Blenheim. Not least, in 2004, Kay Moderwell assembled and annotated the archives of the Metropolitan School of Nursing, and donated them to the archives of the Metropolitan campus of Windsor Regional. 

Irene Moore Davis, for spearheading public commemorations and intensive research into Windsor and Essex County's Black history. She is a founding member and former president of the Essex County Black Historical Research Society and was involved in the Underground Railroad Monument committee, which is responsible for the "Tower of freedom" monument on Pitt St. in Windsor. 

Trevor Price, Professor Emeritus of the Political Science Department at the University of Windsor, has been a long time advocate of local history through the Essex County Historical Society. He has been instrumental in arranging for the publication of numerous local history books and has authored two books himself: Heritage along the Detroit River and the co-written 1892-1992: A Centennial Celebration. 

Gathering our Heroes Project, a product of the partnership between the Chatham-Kent Museum, Jerry Hind of the Search Goes On, A. Thiel Marketing, and IODE Kent Regiment Chapter, has facilitated the collection and curation of information, stories, and artifacts from Chatham-Kent residents who served in World War One and World War Two. In so doing, Gathering Our Heroes enhances the broader understanding of those wars, enriched our local community history, and provides the public with novel ways to participate in commemorating the conflicts.

Kulisek Prize - Craig Pearson and Daniel Wells, for successfully publishing From the Vault, Volume I: A photo-History of Windsor to 1950 (Biblioasis, 2014). Using historical photographs from the collection of The Windsor Star, Pearson and Wells have produced a thoughtful study of the social, economic, political and cultural life of the city. Received enthusiastically by the public upon its release, From the Vault  has clearly connected with the people of Windsor, offering a compelling glimpse into the city's fascinating history.