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Incentive Fund

This is a small token money (CDN $100) that is given to all the departmental representatives. The sole purpose of this incentive fund is to promote GSS collaboration with GRADUATE students of all the departments through various social events within the department such as pizza, BBQ, bowling, etc.

This means each departmental representative is allowed to spend CDN $100 from GSS on a yearly basis for socials within the department. Please note, the funds are only available to use during Fall and Winter semester.

All interested departments/persons are advised to contact their respective Departmental Representative. The event must involve graduate students. The $100 is reimbursed only after the event takes place and with submission of a short description of the event, a group picture during event and original receipt for the claim. The application form for incentive fund can be found HERE.

To find the representative of your department, click here.