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GSS Scholarship

GSS Scholarship-2014-2015

(The application is now CLOSED. Please look again next year) 

Graduate Student Society (GSS) is hereby inviting applications from current graduate students of the University of Windsor for the 2014-2015 GSS Scholarship. The online application is  available here:

The total number of awards ($500 each) will be varied based on the funding available. Last year 69 graduate students were awarded.

Candidates must exhibit the following:

a. Applicants must have an average of at least 80%, or the equivalent, on all graduate courses completed

b. Excellent research ability or potential;

c. Excellent communication skills;

d. Interpersonal and leadership abilities.

Eligibility requirements:

1. Recipients cannot hold other awards such as QEII-GSST, Ontario Graduate Scholarship(OGS), NSERC, or any other equivalent awards.

2. Recipients must remain enrolled as a graduate student in an eligible program for Winter 2015.

Required Supporting Documents You must collect before you start the application:

1. Digital copies of the certifications of academic grades for example a digital copy of your transcript from the University of Windsor SIS and (if applicable) the other post-secondary institutions you have attended.

2. Digital copies of the certifications of extra-curricular and volunteer involvement, for example a letter from the organization you were involved with.

3. A list of all academic accomplishments including publications, patent, paper with references to access those published articles. (Please note, the committee may request you to supply the original document if they think it is necessary)

4. One reference letter (Digital copy) from advisor, department head or graduate coordinator.

GSS Scholarship Selection Rules:

  1. The funding contributed by a department and matched by GSS can only be assigned towards the candidates from that department. If the number of applicants is not sufficient, the funding is saved until next year.
  2. The funding contributed by third party, such as Green Shield, is distributed based on the Graduate Student number in each department. Those departments with more students are getting more awards for their larger contribution to GSS.
  3. In each department, candidates from research based master program, course based master program and PHD are evaluated separately. Number of candidates in each category is decided by the number of graduate students of that category.
  4. The application is evaluated and marked by two reviewers from other departments blindly based on the GSS Scholarship Criteria. If the marks have a difference of 5%, a third reviewer will be introduced and make a decision.
  5. The applications are sorted in its category by their marks. 

NOTE: Application deadline is February 28, 2015. Absolutely no exceptions.