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Picture of pond with lily pads

Research Focus

Pipetting samples into DNA sequencerEvolution
Researchers monitoring wetland areaBioavailability
Processing samples in organics labTrophic Ecology
Trophic Ecology
Geochemical reactions in small pool seen by green and brown coloursGeochemistry
Invasive Golden Star tunicateInvasion Biology
Invasion Biology
Student sampling water in wetland areaAquatic Ecology
Aquatic Ecology
Bacterium feeding on arsenicBiogeochemistry

Technical and Contract Staff


Technical Staff

J.C. Barrette
Technician, Metal Analysis Lab
Office:  135
Phone: (519) 253-3000 x 2719
email: J.C.

Shelby Mackie
Technician, Environmental Genomics Facility
Office:  213
Phone:  (519) 253-3000 x 3761

Dr. Nargis Ismail
Coordinator / Supervisor,  Organic Analysis Lab
Office:  220
Phone:  (519) 253-3000 x 3450
email:  Nargis

Sharon Lackie
Technician, Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope Facility
Office:  109
Phone (519) 253-3000 x 4850
email:  Sharon

Todd Leadley
Technician, Aquatic Research Facility
Office:  123A
Phone:  (519) 253-3000 x 4846
email:  Todd



Contract Staff:

Katelynn Johnson
Research Assistant:  Chemical Tracers Lab
Room 240, 138
Phone:  (519) 253-3000 x 4851
email:  Katelynn


David Qiu
Research Assistant: Organic AnalysisNutrient Analysis Lab
Office:  220
Phone:  (519) 253-3000 x 3450
email:  David


Sarah St. Louis
Research Assistant: Heath Lab
Office: 310
Phone: (519) 253-3000 ext. 3761