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Picture of Chinook salmon under water

Research Focus

Pipetting samples into DNA sequencerEvolution
Researchers monitoring wetland areaBioavailability
Processing samples in organics labTrophic Ecology
Trophic Ecology
Geochemical reactions in small pool seen by green and brown coloursGeochemistry
Invasive Golden Star tunicateInvasion Biology
Invasion Biology
Student sampling water in wetland areaAquatic Ecology
Aquatic Ecology
Bacterium feeding on arsenicBiogeochemistry

Other News

Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre Opens

Great Lakes Resotration Ecology Centre opens in LaSalle

GLIER/Biology Professor Dr. Trevor Pitcher called into action to rescue a Lake Sturgeon

Dr. Trevor Pitcher rescues a Lake Sturgeon from a water intake pipe

GLIER students attend International Association for Great Lakes Research conference in Detroit, MI

GLIER students attend the IAGLR conference in Detroit, MI May 16-19, 2017

Dr. Trevor Pitcher appointed acting Executive Director of GLIER

Dr. Trevor Pitcher becomes acting Executive Director of GLIER starting July 1, 2017

GLIER Professor Dr. Hugh MacIsaac among Researchers Worldwide Exploring Issues in Invasive Species Research

Dr. Hugh MacIsaac collaborates with researchers from around the world to determine the most important issues in invasive species research

GLIER 2017-2018 Scholarship AWARD Winners

Congratulations to the GLIER graduate students who were awarded 2017-2018 NSERC and OGS Scholarships

2017 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Symposium Winning Talks

GLIER 2017 Colloquium best talks and American Society of Microbiology (ASM) best talk

Dr. Ken Drouillard discusses whether fish consumption advisories should include chemical mixtures on NPR Michigan Radio

Dr. Ken Drouillard discusses whether chemical combinations should be considered when Fish Consumption Advisories are issued on NPR Michigan Radio

Public Meeting showcases results of Beach Water Quality research

A public meeting about the findings of the Beach Water Quality research was held at the Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research on April 5.

Dr. Daniel Heath discusses research into Beach Water Quality on CBC Radio

Dr. Daniel Heath discusses the results of Beach Water Quality research on CBC Radio