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Hongcheng Zeng

Hongcheng Zeng

Post Doctoral Fellow

Address: University of Windsor, Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research, 401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4, Canada

Telephone: +1-519-253-3000 ext. 4847
Office:  GLIER Room 315
Lab:  GIS Lab, GLIER, Room 302
email:  Hongcheng Zeng


Geographical information systems
Spatial modelling
Remote sensing
Spatial decision making and decision support system
Spatial heuristic optimization
Monte Carlo simulation


PhD 2006 University of Joensuu, Finland
MSc 1999, Chengdu Institute of Mountain Hazard and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences. China
BSc 1996 Chongqing Normal University, China

Work Experience:

Postdoc Tulane University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, USA, 2007-2009
Research associate Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 1999-2002

Research interests:

Spatial modeling in ecology and environmental science
The wind disturbance in forest ecosystem
Ecological and environmental appraisal
The optimization of ecological and environmental management
Application of GIS and remote sensing in ecology and environmental science

Software skills:

GIS and remote sensing software: i) ARCGIS; ii) MapInfo; iii) MGE; iv) ENVI.
Programming software: i) Visual Basic; ii) Java; iii) C;
Statistic software: i) SAS; ii) SPSS.

Referee of peer-review journals:

Forestry; Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory systems; Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment; Natural Hazards; Remote Sensing


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Conferences, workshop presentations:

Zeng, H., Chambers, J. and Negron-Juarez, R. 2008. The spatial pattern of the correlation between forest mortality and precipitation in Amazon watershed. International Scientific Conference Amazon in Perspective: Integrated Science for a Sustainable Future. Nov. 17-20, 2008. Manaus, Brazil.

Zeng, H., Chambers, J., Negron-Juarez, R. and Hurtt, G. 2008. The temporal dynamics of the impacts of U.S. tropical cyclones on forest tree mortality and carbon flux. American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. Dec. 15-19, 2008. San Francisco, USA.