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Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre

The University of Windsor's Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre (FREC) is located in LaSalle, Ontario, on the shore of the Detroit River.

This world class research facility houses thousands of fishes of various species for multiple experimental purposes.  It can also be used for making behavioural observations using the living stream system, and has an area for sample processing.  

In the Fall of 2014 the FREC received a new building paid for by the University of Windsor and the Town of LaSalle.  New infrastructure valued at $308,000.00 was purchased in 2014 through the CFI-LEF grant led by Dr. Daniel Heath, GLIER.  This infrastructure includes a temperature-controlled egg incubation system to rear fish eggs from fertilization to hatch as well as a temperature-controlled mesocosm system to rear fishes to near adult size.  This includes a collection of 18 large tanks ranging from 2000-3000 L capacity.

For more information regarding the FREC, please contact Dr. Trevor Pitcher, GLIER/Biology, University of Windsor.

The state of the art Freshwater Restoration Ecology Centre on the banks of the Detroit River in LaSalle, ON had it's Grand Opening on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.  The Centre will allow researchers focused on Great Lakes Research to conduct research on aquatic systems and lake and river restoration projects steps from the Detroit River.  It will also be involved in educational projects for students from elementary school to high school. 

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