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Environmental Science

  • Applies scientific tools and principles to the understanding of natural processes, resource sustainability and human impact on the environment
  • Integrates studies in earth science, geography, biology and chemistry
  • Involves field and laboratory work
  • Provides technical training in the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and environmental assessment
  • Can fulfill the requirements for admission to various professional and graduate schools 

Course Descriptions - Environmental Science


Minimum Admissions Average: 
Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Science
Second Average: 
(plus 70% secondary average)
Mean Admissions Average: 
  • ENG4U, MHF4U, SCH4U and SBI4U required.
  • MCV4U is strongly recommended.
  • SPH4U is recommended.

Science second average is the average of all science and math courses.


Career Tracks: 
  • Environmental consulting companies
  • Resource industries
  • Industrial compliance, environmental law
  • Government sectors of environmental quality control and monitoring
  • Environmental management and conservation
  • Education (with additional studies)
  • Research