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Student Entrance Awards

Entrance Awards Program

The University of Windsor has a comprehensive and competitive undergraduate scholarship program. We invite you to explore the wide variety of entrance awards that the University of Windsor offers students coming directly from full-time high school studies in Canada. Some awards recognize academic achievement, some assist students with financial need, some celebrate students who demonstrate good citizenship and others reflect a combination of one or more of these attributes.

What is the process?

No matter which program you choose, you will automatically be considered for a University of Windsor Entrance Scholarship if you meet the minimum academic requirements.  In addition to a University of Windsor Entrance Scholarship, you may be eligible to apply for a number of other entrance scholarships and awards with varying values and criteria.  These awards have been established by the University, alumni, private donors and corporations who wish to recognize the needs and achievements of University of Windsor students.

How much?

The number of scholarships and bursaries awarded and the total funds allocated to University of Windsor students has grown significantly over the last several years.  In Fall 2013, the University of Windsor supported 1498 first-year students with 2332 entrance awards, including athletic scholarships, valued at over $1.7 million.  In addition, there are plenty of opportunities to apply for scholarships and awards when you are "in-course". Overall, approximately 5000 undergraduate students at the University of Windsor received over 7500 entrance and in-course scholarships, bursaries and awards totalling over $11 million during the 2013/2014 academic year.

More details?

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the scholarship and award opportunities available at the University of Windsor by visiting our website at:


Outstanding Scholars

What is it?

Student in research labThe Outstanding Scholars Program matches excellent students with top researching professors. This unique program gives students paid research experience and introduces them to the complexities and benefits of active research. This is particularly attractive for students who are considering graduate school and the medical professions.

How does it work?

Each year, approximately 150 high-achieving, first-year students will be offered status as an Outstanding Scholar candidate. In their first year, candidates will receive $750 per semester in addition to their entrance awards. Outstanding Scholar Candidates meet regularly and are mentored throughout first year.

To qualify to compete for entrance into the Outstanding Scholars program, these candidates must achieve a minimum of 85% at the end of first year. Students who enter the Outstanding Scholars program in second year will work closely with faculty on academic research projects. They will also receive an honorarium of $1,500 per semester.

Outstanding Scholar Candidates (first-year recipients) and all senior Outstanding Scholars (second year and above) must register as fulltime students in an honours program at the University.

All programs are eligible for the Outstanding Scholars Program.

Apply for more awards using our Awards Search at /myuwindsor.

Other award opportunities

  • For entrance and in-course award opportunities, please visit our Award Search at Click on the Financial Matters heading and then the Search for Awards in the sidebar.
  • UWindsor LancersSelect athletes with 80% or above can receive up to $4,000 in Athletic Scholarships. Interested student-athletes should contact Athletics & Recreational Services at (519) 253-3000 Ext. 2437 or visit

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